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When you become an employee of Eagle, you become part of a family. Our family is made up of quality individuals who respect and encourage each other to be their best. We strive to create a paradigm of honesty, integrity, and care for all members of our family. A position in our field is, at times, tough work in commonly poor weather conditions under tight


schedules. At the end of the day, we ensure that you are safe, you are paid well, and you and your family are supported with full benefits and retirement. If you are interested in becoming a member of our family and participating in the fast-paced, pioneering industries of wireless and wind energy technology, please fill out the application found on this page and return to us via fax, e-mail, or in person. All applications will receive a response.

Eagle supports you and your family with the following benefits:

  • Health Insurance

    • Medical

    • Dental

    • Vision

    • Life Insurance

  • 401K Retirement Program

  • Finacial Advisory Service

  • Paid Time Off

    • Holidays

    • Vacation/Personal Time

Click here to download our 

Employment Application

Come join the Eagle Family!

Questions about employment? Send us a message!

Thank you for Contacting Us!

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